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Icon PDF Koegl C, Wolf E, Hanhoff N, Jessen H, Schewe K, Rausch M, Goelz J, Goetzenich A, Knechten H, Jaeger H and the Prime-DAG and Ac-DAG Study Groups. Treatment during Primary HIV Infection Does Not Lower Viral Set Point but Improves CD4 Lymphocytes in an Observational Cohort. EurJMedRes 2009 Jul 22;14(7):277-83 

Jäger H, Wolf E. HIV-Eradikation – Fakten und Fiktion; Lässt sich das HI-Virus dauerhaft ausmerzen? MMW-Fortschritt Med. Sonderheft 1. 2008: 72-73

Mallal S, Phillips E, Carosi G, Molina JM, Workman C, Tomazic J, Jägel-Guedes E, Rugina S, Kozyrev O, Cid JF, Hay P, Nolan D, Hughes S, Hughes A, Ryan S, Fitch N, Thorborn D, Benbow A and PREDICT-1 Study Team. HLA-B*5701 screening for hypersensitivity to abacavir. N Engl J Med 2008; 358(6):568-79.

Hill E, Ruxrungtham K, Hanvanich M, Katlama C, Wolf E, Soriano V, Milinkovic A, Gatell J, Ribera E. Systematic review of clinical trials evaluating low doses of Stavudine as part of antiretroviral treatment. Expert Opin Pharmacother. 2007, 8 (5): 679-88

Hoffmann C, Wolf E, Wyen C, Fätkenheuer G, van Lunzen J, Stellbrink H-J, Stoehr A, Plettenberg A, Jaeger H, Noppeney R, Hentrich M, Goekbuget N, Hoelzer D, Horst H-A. AIDS-associated Burkitt or Burkitt-like lymphoma: Short intensive polychemotherapy is feasible and effective. Leukemia & Lymphoma. September 2006; 47(9):1872-1880

Wolf E, Hoffmann C, Procaccianti M, Mosthaf F, Gersbacher E, Ulmer A, Karwat M, Brust J, Schuster D, Jaegel-Guedes E, Jaeger H. Long-term consequences of treatment interruptions in chronically HIV-1-infected patients. EurJMedRes. 2005; 10: 1-7 *

Corzillius M, Mühlberger N, Sroczynski G, Jaeger H, Wasem J, Siebert U. Cost effectiveness Analysis of Routine Use of Genotypic Resistance Testing after Failure of Antiretroviral Treatment for HIV. Antiviral Therapy. 2004 Feb., 9(1): 27-36 *

Hoffmann C, Chow KU, Wolf E, Faetkenheuer G, Stellbrink H-J, van Lunzen J, Jaeger H, Stoehr A, Plettenberg A, Wasmuth J-C, Rockstroh J, Mosthaf F, Horst H-A, Brodt H-R. Strong impact of highly active antiretroviral therapy on survival in patients with human immunodeficiency virus-associated Hodkin’s disease. British Journal of Haematology. Vol. 125. Jan. 2004: 455-462

Hoffmann C, Wolf E, Fätkenheuer G, Buhk T, Stoehr A, Plettenberg A, Stellbrink H-J, Jaeger H, Siebert U, Horst H-A. Response to Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy Strongly Predicts Outcome in Patients with AIDS-Related Lymphoma. AIDS. 2003, 17: 1521-1529 *

Abstracts. Nationale und internationale Kongresse (Auswahl)

Koegl C, Baumgarten A, Bieniek B, Holm S, Hower M, Jaeger H, Lutz T, Mueller M, Schmidt W, Trein A, Pauli R, Wolf E, Petry R, Stellbrink HJ. Kivexa versus Truvada: Similar virological outcomes in ART-naive patients starting a Lopinavir/Ritonavir-based regimen. 48-week-data from the STAR and STELLA Cohorts. 5th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention, Cape Town, South Africa, 19 – 22 July 2009. Abstract MOPEB055 (Poster)

Wolf E, Stoll M, Becker-Andre M,. Bogner J, Becker W, Gorriahn D, Mueller MC, Jaeger H, Welte R, Baudewig M, Walli R. Prospective HLA-B*5701 screening for abacavir hypersensitivity saves costs. XVII International AIDS Conference, Mexico City, Mexico, August 03 – 08, 2008. Abstract THPE0192 (Poster)

Stellbrink H-J, Schewe K, Hoffmann C, Wolf E. Is there a harmless level of plasma Viremia inuntreated HIV infection? CD4+ T Cells in the long-term follow-up of Elite Controllers and controls. 15th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections. Boston. 3.-6. Februar 2008. Abstract 351 (Poster)

Icon PDF Koegl C, Wolf E, Jessen H, Schewe K, Rausch M, Goelz J, Goetzenich A, Knechten H, Jaeger H, and the Prime-DAG and Ac-DAG Study Group. No Benefit from Early Treatment in Primary HIV-Infection? 14th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI). Los Angeles. 25.- 28. February 2007. Late Breaker 125 (oral presentation)

Wolf E, Koegl C, Theobald T, Jaegel-Guedes E, Jaeger H. Nevirapine-associated hepatotoxicity: no increased risk for females or high CD4 count in a single-centre HIV cohort. 46th annual ICAAC. San Francisco. 27.-30. September 2006. Abstract H-1063 (oral presentation)

Wolf E, Gunturu G, Koegl C, Jaegel-Guedes E, Jaeger H. Tenofovir (TDF) versus non-TDF-containing ART: renal safety in daily practice. Eighth International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection. Glasgow. 12.-16. November 2006. Abstract P153 (Poster)

Jaeger H, Wolf E, Jaegel-Guedes E, Chantratita W, Schumacher W. HIV real-time PCR assay COBAS AmpliPrep/COBAS TaqMan HIV-1 test in comparison to the Bayer bDNA assay versant HIV-1 RNA v3.0 and the Roche COBAS amplicor HIV monitor test v1.5. XVI International AIDS Conference. Toronto. 13.-18. August 2006. Abstract MOPE0156 (Poster)

Wolf E, Walter H, Eckerlein B, Koegl C, Jaegel-Guedes E, Jaeger H. Development of De Novo PI-Resistance in Lopinavir/ Ritonavir-Monotherapy. 3rd IAS Conference on Pathogenesis and Treatment. Rio de Janeiro. 24.-27. Juli 2005. Abstract WePe4.4C08 (Poster)

v. Krosigk A, Meyer T, Stoehr A, Jaegel-Guedes E, Jaeger H, Plettenberg A. Lymphograuloma venerum in HIV/AIDS: Increase in an often misdiagnosed disease. 10. Deutscher und 16. Österreichischer AIDS-Kongress. Wien. 1.-4. Juni 2005. Abstract V42 (oral presentation)

Hill A, Ruxrungtham K, Havanich M, Wolf E, Milinkovich A, Gatell J, Ribera E. Meta-analysis of efficacy and safety for clinical studies of d4T 40mg versus 30mg BID in 1008 patients. XVI International AIDS Conference. Toronto. 13.-18. August 2006. Abstract THPE0120